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When a car is abandoned in a commercial parking lot, it can become a complex issue. For instance, property owners may need to post clear signage indicating that unauthorized parking is not allowed and that vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense. If a vehicle is deemed abandoned, the property owner can contact law enforcement or a towing service to have the car removed.

Abandoned Cars – Dealerships
When a car is abandoned at a dealership, the course of action can vary based on state laws. Generally, the dealership must first determine if the vehicle is legally considered abandoned, which typically involves a specific period of unclaimed status and lack of communication from the owner. Once confirmed as abandoned, the dealership may need to contact local authorities or follow state-specific procedures to obtain a title for the vehicle. This process often includes filing an Abandoned Vehicle Report, scheduling an inspection, and possibly notifying the last known owner or lienholder. If the dealership intends to claim ownership, they may have to pay any associated fees or liens. It’s important for the dealership to keep detailed records and follow the legal steps meticulously to avoid potential legal issues.

Abandoned Cars – Apartment Complexes & Other Commercial Properties
When a car is abandoned at an apartment complex, gas station or other public lot, there are several steps that can be taken. Generally, the property manager or owner should contact a reputable towing company to act as an authorized agent for removing vehicles. It’s also advisable to put up clear signage that outlines the policy on vehicle abandonment and the consequences, which typically include towing at the owner’s expense. Before towing, it’s recommended to provide a notice period, often 72 hours, to allow the owner a chance to rectify the situation. If the vehicle remains, it can then be legally towed. It’s also worth noting that if the vehicle is causing an issue, such as taking up parking space, and the owner can be identified, they should be asked to move it. If the problem persists, the vehicle can be reported to the authorities for further action. The key is to act in accordance with local laws and to communicate clearly with tenants and vehicle owners to resolve the issue effectively and legally.

Kannapolis Auto Parts impound services will remove any vehicle from your business that is deemed unauthorized, abandoned, illegally parked or inoperable. We act as an independent contractor and assume all responsibility notifying and filing all required paperwork. Your business is released from all liability once we impound the car. Best of all, we pay you $$ per car (in cash), on the spot, when we pick up the abandoned car. Contact us today and let us make it easy to clear your parking lot of abandoned and unauthorized vehicles.