Car Impound Services


Let Us Clear Your Parking Lot Of Abandoned Vehicles

Kannapolis Auto Parts impound services will remove any vehicle from your business that is deemed unauthorized, abandoned, illegally parked or inoperable. You will be left with a clean, organized lot and a little cash in your pocket!

  • Kannapolis Auto Parts will remove the car from your property and move it to our secured, 23-acre salvage yard.

  • We act as an independent contractor and will assume all liabilities for any damage incurred during the removal and storage of the vehicle.

  • Our process is 100% legal. We assume all responsibility in notifying and filing all required paperwork with the state, DMV, and the county clerk’s office.

  • You get cash in your hand, upfront.

We Clear Abandoned Vehicles Off Any Lot

Car Dealerships

With or without a mechanic’s lien, let us remove the abandoned cars and take on all the responsibility.

Apartment Complexes

We can tow any junk or broken down car from your lot legally and ethically, keeping it clean and under control.

Other Parking Lots

We can also pick up abandoned cars from gas stations, shopping centers, other public lots & vacant houses.

Car Dealerships

An abandoned vehicle with a mechanic’s lien can be impounded once left unclaimed for 10 days at a business used for garaging, repairing, or storing vehicles. Wash your hands of these cars and get paid for them. Your dealership has no liability once we impound the car.

  • Once a car is legally removed, the owner nor the lienholder can take it without paying us first.
  • We pay you $$ per car (in cash) to go into your shop funds and help with the lost service time.

  • If applicable, we will attach your service/storage bill to the lien. The lien will need to be paid in full before the car can be removed from our secured lot. The funds allotted for your bill will be dispersed to you in any form you wish.

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Apartment Complexes & Other Parking Lots

An abandoned vehicle can be impounded from your property once the vehicle has been unclaimed for 30 days. Get rid of these junk, abandoned and broken down cars and get paid for them. Your business is released from all liability once we impound the car.

  • We file all paperwork legally and ethically. By entrusting us with these responsibilities, your business can focus on core operations.

  • We pay you $$ per car (in cash), on the spot, when we pick up the abandoned car.

  • We handle all customer inquiries and complaints, eliminating the need for further contact between you and the vehicle owner.

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Kannapolis Auto Parts

Our Secured Impound Yard

Car Removal & Storage

Our goal is to provide your business with a hassle-free experience. We handle all customer inquiries and complaints, thereby eliminating the need for further contact between the vehicle owner and your business.